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History has a funny way of coming full circle. Mr. ColliPark may be known for super hits with the Ying Yang Twins, Young Jeezy, Jamie Foxx, Bubba Sparxx and Soulja Boy Tell Em. However, Mr. ColliPark started his career as a DJ with the world renowned J-Team from the King Edward J dj crew.

For years Mr. ColliPark (back then known as DJ Smurf) spent countless hours creating, producing, recording and performing as a Dj. It was Mr. ColliPark the DJ that made him a household name.

Now the time has come for Mr. ColliPark to return to his roots, his first love – the DJ.


Mr. ColliPark has evolved into a well sought after producer and Dj of electronic dance music. He has recently collaborated with some of the most influential taste makers of the EDM genre as well as established label heavyweights. His first entry into to EMD pitted Mr. ColliPark in association with Dirty Audio and Dj Kool on the smash “Shoulders“ which was released by Steve Aoki’s label Dim Mak Records. He recorded and released “No Discrimination” in collaboration with Meaux Green which was very well received by the masses and is more relevant now than ever before. Diplo saw fit to roll out the release of “No Discrimination” on his Mad Decent label. Waka Flaka Flame released “Bust” to substantial fan fare with Mr. ColliPark working in conjunction with Mayhem. Dj Chuckee joined Mr. ColliPark on the release of “Hell, Fuck, Yeah” which is a club favorite. Most recently Mr. ColliPark teamed up with Cook Classics and Charlie Puth to producer Jason Durello’s “Pull Up”.


Without question, Mr. ColliPark has played an integral role in the evolution of Southern hip hop from early Atlanta booty shake to crunk to kiddie club music and everything in between. Now it’s time for him to get behind the turn tables and make ‘em dance to a brand new beat coupled with that signature Mr. ColliPark sound.


“I try to give the people what they want,” he explains. “I was a DJ before all of this. I was an artist who put out four albums before all of this. I was a producer before it all…so I’m a fan of my gut. And my gut is affected by stuff that has never been done. Once I see something that’s never been done, I go hard.”


The dance floor and the dance music world are poised for a shift and Mr. ColliPark has the pedigree and creative prowess to move the needle.

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